Our Brands

A value based shopping experience has always been important to our customers.  At Econofoods we’re proud to offer brands that support our commitment to the value and quality that you demand.

With a variety of products in every aisle of our store, you’re sure to find what you need for everything from once-in-a-lifetime events to annual get-togethers with family and friends to those quiet everyday moments you treasure. And you’ll find they’re made with the highest quality and available at the lowest price, because we think you deserve the best and that includes the best value. Come see what we have in store for you.

Our Family

A trusted staple on family dinner tables since 1904, Our Family brand has consistently delivered national brand quality at an everyday value for generations. Now the next generation of quality and value has arrived to continue that long tradition of excellence. Yesterday, today, and tomorrow, Our Family is here for your family.

Open Acres

Simply fresh and refreshingly simple, Open Acres offers real, wholesome food made with quality ingredients for a taste you’ll love. And with a wide selection of bakery, deli, meat, produce, and seafood items, you’re sure to find something for every appetite, every meal, and every budget. Fresh has never been so affordable!

Direct Your Dollars

Direct Your Dollars Logo

Through our Direct Your Dollars program, eligible nonprofit organizations can earn $1,000, simply by collecting $150,000 in eligible receipts from any of our stores.